Friday, 29 October 2010

The Journey

Hey were team Silico a one man, one woman team. Both at DMU studying Game art design me (Karl) and Priya, in our final year have decided to come together co-operatively to work as a team on our Final Major Projects (FMP).

Our main idea from the go was focused round the Great Central Railway based in Loughborough. Priya had her mind set of the station over the summer, whilst I had various ideas a main interest of mine is steam trains so after collaborating our ideas we combined them to set the scene for an optimistic and interesting project for our final major. After pitching our idea to the class and our lecturers and getting a positive responce it was determined the best route to fortake and pursue.

So the final idea is to re-build the station to the time of the 1950's from the ticket office to the end of the platform with the chance of exspansion, depending on time, along with a train of the era at the station which you can board and roam about on. We're planning to set it at night time as well to create some rather ambient effects with the type of lighting used in that time era as well as steam coming from the engine.

Now the ideas great but vast even for two people so good time management and planning is going to be essential to get this done on time and to a good quality. Now were hoping this blog will help us not really with communication between ourselfs, as we live with each other anyway, but more to get your feedback as we post our work so we can get your thoughts and comments on whats great and whats not and what we could do to improve it, so suggestions welcome. Now weve split the project down the middle essentialy a) so the works even and b) so it's easier for us both to portray our work in our porfolios, so Priya will be doin the station and our will be doing the train and carriages.

For now however we'll be working together on our design breif and design documents so wront see alot of 3d stuff for a while but we'll throw some concepts your way to critisize and comment on or just feel free to throw some ideas to us that you think we've missed all very much appreciated.

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